Monday, May 20, 2013

Not Anymore

You tell me to walk behind,

I never seemed to mind,
As I do what you say,
Since you have to have your way.

Just because you’re tall,
Know how to throw a ball,
And don’t always fall,
Doesn’t mean you know all

You and your frown,
You want to bring me down,
You never think about me,
Because my pain you can never see.

You can’t let that be,
You got to listen to me,
And then learn,
That it’s my turn.

You can’t do that anymore,
It’s not just I have to think for,
All you ever think about is you,
How about you step in my shoe?

We can’t work as pair,
I can’t always stand and stare,
I can’t stay,
But I need to have my day.

It’s my turn to walk away,
I am not going to stay,
Not anymore.

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